Delmar Township Sewer Authority:

Delmar Township is in the planning stages of creating a sewer authority. We are seeking 5 Delmar Township residents who would be willing to serve on this authority, being responsible for the 3 current systems in the township, Stony Fork, Smithville and Stokesdale. The Sewer Authority Board plans, constructs, and funds projects that provide these municipal sewer services to the township. Under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Acts of 1935 and 1945, municipalities are authorized to create an “authority” to finance working capital to acquire, hold, construct, finance, improve, maintain, operate, own or lease projects that will benefit the residents of the Commonwealth. If interested, please contact the township at 570-724-5482 or email

Delmar Township Zoning Hearing Board:

Delmar Township is currently seeking a township resident who is willing to serve on the townships Zoning Hearing Board. If interested, or for more information, please call the township office at 570-724-5482 or email