Delmar Township

Delmar Township was formed in 1808 from Lycoming County. Delmar Township and Tioga Township are the two mother townships of Tioga County from which all other townships were directly or indirectly generated.   Delmar Township is the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Townships in Tioga County.

Among the first settlers in Delmar, including the site of Wellsboro, were Benjamin W. Morris, John Norris, David Lindsey, Alpheus Cheeney, David Kelsey, William Wells, Gideon Wells, James Iddings, James Dixson, Richard Jackson and Rev. Caleb Boyer. These settlers came from Philadelphia, and from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. The township in which they located, then in Lycoming County, was given by them, out of compliment to the States of Virginia, Delaware and Maryland, the name Virdelmar, composed of the abbreviations for the names of those states. When the township was fully organized in 1808 the syllable Vir was omitted and the township was incorporated under the name of Delmar.1

(1History of Tioga County 1804-1883, John L. Sexton, Jr., Pages 138-144)

Delmar Township contains a total area of 82.6 square miles, 109 miles of dirt roads, approximately 50 miles of State Roads and 52,888 acres. According to the 2010 United States Census, the township has a population of 2,856.